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DETAILING ~ Wash and Wax to Go: ~ Mobile Detailing is the Answer   ~ 15 years experience



Mobile Detailing is the Answer

   Wally's auto detailing will service your car at your home and of course, bring every piece of equipment they need along with them.  Talk about convenient.

   Detailing a car is more than simply washing it.  The best detailers begins by washing the car by hand.  After the car has been professionally detailed and protective coatings applied, soapless washes are then preferred to preserve the car's finish.


​   Waxing to remove minor scratches, oxidation, and embedded dirt followed by an application of a teflon-type coating is the important next step.  Since the special Teflon coating fills in minor ridges, when polished the finish looks like glass with a definite high gloss and added color depth.  Applied twice a year, this Teflon coating helps the glossy shine stay year round, serves to protect the care and makes over-all maintenance a snap.


  To apply wax and Teflon coating more effectively, professional detailers change buffing pads several times while working on the car by doing this, rocks and grit are not allowed to gather in the pads only to be ground back onto the finish.

   As a result of their smaller, more personalized service, quality mobile care detailing companies can offer Teflon car coating at tremendous savings when compared to car dealers's costs.

   Rubber dressing of all rubber seals and tires happens next.  Make sure the detailer you hire uses a non-silcone based rubber dressing, as dressings with silcone tend to cause the rubber to crack and wear out.

  A complete car detailing appointment can include as little or as much as your car needs. Exterior detailing includes washing, waxing, applications of a teflon-type protective coating, and an application of a rubber dressing to the exterior rubber items only, Interior and exterior car detailing includes all the exterior detailing items plus shampooing the interior carpets, dressing all interior rubber parts and door jams, and cleaning or conditioning every part of the interior.  

  A quality mobile car detailing service in your area is Wally's Auto Detailing.  You can call us at 714-854-0267or email us at

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